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The Cretaceous rocks are reddish-brown, thickly bedded conglomerates, greyish red sandstones, and reddish purple siltstones that were originally laid down as beds in two main geological settings. In contrast, streams on the gentler northward sloping dip slope have longer courses, so they have developed a typical dendritic pattern, and flow almost all year.

Large-scale rock removal created housing platforms on the hillsides surrounding the bay, and much of the excavated rock was used as fill for extensive areas of coastal reclamation.

Towards the centre of the escarpment, to the east of the summit of Shun Yeung Fun metres highthe ridge is breached by a valley that is now occupied by the waters of the Plover Cove Reservoir.

Is it the government, private economic interests, the working class, or local communities. Ap Chaustumps e.

Master of Science in Urban Design

Soil constraints in the crowded city are acute and yet relevant data are lacking. A boulder-strewn granite landscape, with boulders concentrated along the shoreline.

Erosion by the waves has resulted in the collapse of some columns, leaving vertical slots in the cliff faces. Several early reclamations were carried out using sand from offshore sources. However, no such study has been conducted in Hong Kong, the city in which I was born and raised.

The original, pre-settlement, landscape of Hong Kong has been considerably modified by human activity, largely in order to supply additional building land, building materials, and reliable water supplies.

The radiating pattern of Queen Square, with the King William III statue centrally located Street naming is one of the most significant and direct ways in which ideologies are symbolised and conveyed by powerful agents.

Conglomerates and pebbly sandstones were deposited in river channels, and the overlying sheet-like sandstones were deposited by sheet floods in a semi-arid environment.

Closely spaced vertical jointing in granite. Consequently, villages on the southern side of the Pat Sin Leng escarpment receive very little water supply from the hills above them, whereas villages located on, or near the foot of, the dip slope tap into an almost permanent water supply.

Think about the city you are living in — the buildings, monuments, public squares, parks, roads, and the names of places — which actor s have the power to make decisions about them. This method was slow, taking many years to complete.

Thus, they give rise to a lower, more rounded topography with thick, silty, sandy weathered profiles, and numerous boulders over the surface. Previous article in issue.

The soil is crumbly and easily displaced, hence is very susceptible to erosion if not clothed with a protective cover of natural vegetation.

The equestrian statue of King William III, erected in and situated at Queen Square in Bristol, is a local example of a landscape asserting the power and dominance of the crown. Similarly, major projects such as the Kornhill development involved cutting into the hills on Hong Kong Island. What were the procedures and methods taken by the respective governments.

Towards the southern margins, boulder fields mantle the summits and hillsides, and boulder streams choke the valleys Figure Have these urban spaces reappropriated by other factor ssuch as squatting and graffiti, which bring new meanings to spaces. They generally appear to be relatively resistant to weathering and develop only very thin weathered profiles.

Many large reclamations were carried out using weathered rock obtained by cutting back into hillsides. Major Site Formations In addition to reclaiming land from the sea, development land is also created by levelling the tops of hills, by completely removing hills, and by cutting platforms back into steep hillsides.

Stress relief in granite rocks produces gently curved joints that parallel the slope surface. Volcanic Rocks The volcanic rocks in Hong Kong have been relatively more resistant to sub-tropical weathering processes, so they produce the highest summits e. The adjacent columns give the cliffs a striated appearance.

Hong Kong Landscape and Human Impacts

Columnar jointing in the High Island Formation. However, close observation along the rock faces will reveal that, at certain locations, the columns are inclined or have a shallow S-curve Figure An encircling wave-cut platform produced by prolonged coastal erosion.

In other words, landscapes and landscaping are capable of asserting power and demonstrating political ideologies. The capacity to hold nutrient bases and the amount held in available forms are both inadequate for vigorous plant performance.

In other words, landscape both reflects and affects what we think. A dyke intruded in the columnar jointed rocks. They protrude from some natural slopes, but are more commonly seen, following their exhumation having been eroded out from weathered profiles, littering the surface of granitic terrain Figure 4.

The extensive soil compaction, associated with structural degradation and loss of porosity, is inimical to aeration, drainage, storage of plant-available moisture, and root growth.

The distinctive columnar jointed rocks of this Formation were formed in a large caldera, the Sai Kung Caldera, a large, low-rimmed volcanic depression that survived after the original volcanic centre had collapsed.

Escarpments, at both small and large scales, occur when the beds are inclined so that they form a gently to moderately dipping slope the dip slope in one direction, with a very steep, near vertical slope the scarp slope in the other direction e. It is expected that many of our graduates will pursue specialized academic studies and research in landscape architecture or adjacent disciplines at The University of Hong Kong, and other leading institutions in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Urban design plays a key role in creating livable, sustainable and socially just cities. As one of the most dynamic laboratories for contemporary urbanism, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta offer a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

The Urban Land Institute selected the Tamar Development Project in Hong Kong as a winner of a Global Award for Excellence. Design The St. Louis ASLA recognized the Tamar Government Complex in Hong Kong with a General Landscape Architecture Design Honor Award.

THE URBAN FRINGE LANDSCAPE - THE EDGES OF THE CITY. Overview and Context. At the edges of Hong Kong's urban areas, are landscapes that contain many urban features and land uses.

Study Landscape Architecture at universities or colleges in Hong Kong (SAR) - find 5 Master Landscape Architecture degrees to study abroad. University of Hong Kong (China) At the University of Hong Kong, the Division of Landscape Architecture emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the degree program as well as ample study abroad opportunities.

The program includes project-based and experiential learning.

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Tamar Government Complex